Tested By God

Published on: 5/30/2023

Does God test us ?

Yes, he does.

He does so for our own spiritual growth.

Timothy Gallagher, in his book about St. Ignatius of Loyola’s “The Discernment of Spirits”, he talks about how God provides us with two lessons.

Both of which are in one’s spiritual life and journey — consolation and desolation.

These two things are quite in-depth periods but a good way to sum it up is:

  • Consolation = God being more active in the believers life

  • Desolation = God withdraws his goodness from the believers life

A note about this experience, is that “felt” experience by the believers, where one may feel more encouraged or joyful or excited or feeling the presence of God and to do the spiritual things of God in consolation.

Spiritual things may include:

  • Prayer

  • Bible reading

  • Church

  • And everything else relating to our spiritual life

Whereas, it's the opposite in desolation where we might not “feel” the presence, love of God or be encouraged to do the spiritual things.

It’s a “felt” experience by the believers because we know God never leaves us.

Romans 8:38-39
Romans 8:38-39

In the first lesson (consolation), God gives but the second lesson (desolation), he permits through another way.

Job 1:8
“The Discernment of Spirits” By Timothy M. Gallagher

I found it not surprising that God would allow this, and rather it aligns well with the book of Job.

As believers, on our journey, God will test us according to whatever lesson He would like us to have or receive.

In that book, we see that God does allow Satan to test Job.

Job 1:8
Job 1:8

Instead of it being a punishment, it was done because of how he holds Job to a high regard.

This may be learning lessons in our journey, and to grow us spiritually and illuminating the path towards God.

Maybe it’s:

  • Strengthening our endurance and faith

  • Testing of patience

  • Building up our hope

  • Improving spiritual awareness

  • Highlighting our hidden flaws

  • Building a deeper connection with God (appreciating the contrasting “felt” experience)

  • And many other lessons

The ultimate thing to consider is that this is a “lesson” from God to build us up rather than to tear us down.

Few further insights we can gather:

  • God allows or “permits” this to happen

  • God is in control

  • God is working for our good

God tests us because he knows we have the strength to get through it.

1 Corinthians 10:13
1 Corinthians 10:13

As believers, it may be tough getting through this period or season but we can be sure that God is working for our good, and building us up.

This way we can start to view this from a spiritual perspective so that we can navigate it much better.

It is this “testing” or “lessons” that God uses to elevate us to a new level of spiritual growth in our lives as believers.

That is if we can see it from a spiritual perspective or God’s perspective in times of desolation.

Romans 8:28
Romans 8:28

Glory to the Most High